Décor dos and don’ts and why wood cladding is not your friend!

The Magical Mummy on home facelifts, fashions and faux pas.

Ever wanted an expert opinion on the dos and don’ts for your décor? Well look no further than ITV’s This Morning TV presenter, Georgina Burnett, who also happens to be a DIY expert, author, vlogger and property developer.

This lady definitely knows her stuff and are we not all on the lookout for some tips on how to make our homes more beautiful without blowing the budget?

She’s refurbed countless properties, doing a lot of the work hands on, so really knows her stuff. So, guys and girls, if you want to know how to get it right with colour and where to start if you've just bought a new property, then keep on reading as there are some real gems.

The dos 

Do experiment with colour and be confident to go with it when it looks right to you!

Georgina says, "In this country we’re so good at playing it safe with the greiges, but it’s a shame because colour can really boost your mood and confidence”.

She recommends a good way to start is to go with a colour you like and get yourself a colour wheel for a quid online and then find the opposite colour on the wheel and use that – then it’ll really pop. For instance, teal and orange isn’t an unusual combination – they’re opposite ends of the colour wheel as well.

Do look at what you can keep in your home when doing improvements, for instance do you need to rip out a huge kitchen, when you can just replace the doors? You can also paint tiles instead of removing them, or re-grout in a different colour.

For a short-term facelift, start with a neutral background on every surface, then add colour with accessories. A lick of paint will completely transform a property but get a decent trade durable paint. 

Georgina also says to those of you who have just bought a home, “If you’re worried you have spent a lot on the property, it’s not actually a bad thing. Every property has a ceiling to what it’s worth so if you put in a ridiculously expensive kitchen, you may never get that money back.”

The don’ts

Be careful about going with what is in fashion now and go with your gut. Georgina says, “Lime is really singing to me at the moment. Lime is playful and I wanted to bring it down to earth with darker richer colours – so I went with the plum in a recent bedroom scheme.” 

Shiplap horizontal cladding is a big no according to the TV star! She says, “Cladding with a gap like the side of a ship really worries me because it’s just the kind of stuff I have had to rip out of properties I’ve updated. It looks like a sauna.”

“I mean, wood is a warm material and it’s cosy but you’re losing space and I don’t see that lasting, plus, it’s such a dust trap. You’ll regret it within a couple of years. I mean, how was woodchip ever a good idea?” Say what you mean Georgina!

She also gives a big no to cheap paint!! “If you use cheap paint, it’ll need more coats, they fade, and they mark terribly. If you’ve got a family home, it’s game over. I’ve got a six-year-old and we have play dates all the time. I just wipe the walls when I need to. They still look new six years after we renovated.”

Thanks Georgina, we love you on the box and it’s always great to have a professional’s opinion. I certainly won’t be using cladding for anything, the sauna look only works if I’m in a sauna! And as for cheap paint, so true! Massive false economy and extra work in the long run – I concur Georgina, I concur.

Claire Philips

Claire Phillips
Blogger and Magical Mummy