Wiltshire’s Best Kept Village Competition launches

Judges will consider presentation, tidiness, absence of litter and evidence of community spirit.

The Countryside Charity (CPRE) Wiltshire and The Hills Group have just opened the 2021 Best Kept Village Competition to Parish Councils.

“We’re very excited to be launching the competition this year, as the 2020 competition was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, and we’re looking forward to some exciting new entries,” confirmed CPRE Wiltshire’s Branch Chair, Anne Henshaw.

Anyone in a village can pull the entry together and coordinate preparations for judging – it doesn’t have to be handled only by the parish council. All entrants need to submit is one form, a map and a short village report (this need not take long) and let the parish council know.

The last winner was Bratton in 2019. Entries need to be in to CPRE Wiltshire no later than Monday 26 April.

Yet again, the main competition is being generously sponsored by The Hills Group and prizes of up to £200 are awarded. Princeton Homes are again sponsoring the Laurence Kitching "Winner of Winners" Award (£200).

“We encourage all villages to enter, irrespective of their size. The winners of the various sections receive great recognition and publicity for their efforts,” said Mike Hill, Chief Executive of The Hills Group.

If your village is looking good, why not consider speaking to your council and your friends and then entering?

The judges consider presentation, tidiness, absence of litter and evidence of community spirit and involvement – but do not award marks for the beauty of buildings, otherwise the same villages might win every time!

CPRE believes in countryside and green spaces that are accessible to all, rich in nature and playing a crucial role in responding to the climate emergency.

With a local CPRE group in every county, they advocate for the kind of countryside we all want: one with sustainable, healthy communities and available to more people than ever, including those who haven’t benefited before.

CPRE has worked for almost a century to support and promote the countryside, and will be doing this for generations to come. That’s why it calls itself ‘the countryside charity’.

First round judging will take place from 17 May to 13 June. Find out more on CPRE Wiltshire’s website, by contacting CPRE Wiltshire at or telephone 01380 722157.  |