Talking Homes with Millie O'Connell

West End and Wyvern Theatre pantomime star Millie O’Connell talks plants, panto and RuPaul candles with Wigwam.

Millie O’Connell is best known for her award-winning role in the West End production and UK tour of Six The Musical, playing Anne Boleyn. She has also starred in 42nd Street, RENT, Be More Chill and, most recently, Hair at the London Palladium.

The 24-year-old will be making her Swindon pantomime debut as the Queen in Jack and the Beanstalk alongside dance legend Louie Spence. Millie sat down with Wigwam at her home in North London to talk about real homes, dream homes and much more.

Millie, let’s begin by talking homes. Where did it all begin?

I grew up on the Isle of Wight which was lovely having the sea and countryside so close, we were really really blessed. I’m still close with all my friends I grew up with which is lovely. I moved off the island when I was 16, so I had a really good childhood and upbringing and then moved to the mainland to train, but I go back all the time.

Training-wise the island was amazing. My dance school was amazing, I went to theatre school as well, the music department was great down there, it really set people up well to leave and go to the mainland. It was fantastic I was really lucky. My dance school is one of the best in the south, very creative. There’s not a lot of things on the island, but what you have is good. Rather than lots and lots of mediocre stuff, it’s really targeted and great.

My family was quite relaxed and bohemian. My mum was a big inspiration for my current flat, we always had big plants in the house, we had a conservatory and in the lounge we always had plants, and she loved flower arranging; big plants, big house plants, big leaves! I’ve always had that, plus little things, we always had photos of us going up the stairs in our home. It’s comedy because it’s photos of every single ride we have ever been on, a cascade of photos.

It’s like what are those photos going to be? And it’s photos of me and my brother and my mum and dad screaming on rides, it’s hilarious. My mum loves being connected to nature which is very grounding, and my dad’s a musician, so that was a massive thing; lots of CDs everywhere, in his study there’s a whole wall of music, and we have a music room, we have a drum room, so music was a big inspiration. We had a drum kit, a keyboard, guitars.

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