Show home is the perfect choice for young Swindon couple

Buying a show home has advantages but also disadvantages.

How many of us have strolled through a show home thinking ‘I wish I could buy this place complete with stunning décor’? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Swindon couple Tyler Lloyd Wilkinson and Abbie Hammond. The only difference is that they followed through and actually bought the place - a three-bedroom detached house at Blunsdon Meadow, located between Tadpole Garden Village and Blunsdon.

But is buying a show home necessarily a good idea?

Developers will always sell the show home once they've finished using it for marketing purposes. The idea of buying a show home divides opinion, but for the right price and with the right extras thrown in, it could be a smart move.

Advantages of buying a show home:

• You can fully inspect the finished home before buying it
• The development will be close to completion, so you won't have to live on a building site for too long
• Show homes usually have upgraded fixtures and fittings that aren't included with standard homes
• You could benefit from the best plot, complete with a landscaped garden
• You might be able to get the furniture thrown in as part of the deal.

Disadvantages of buying a show home:

• A show home is likely to have experienced plenty of wear and tear by the time it's sold, so will require a comprehensive snagging survey
• Items in show homes sometimes get taken away and used in other homes on the development - so what you see on your viewing may not be what you get when you move in
• Appliances will be used rather than new, and their warranties might have expired
• The show home is often located next to the marketing suite car park, which developers might build a house on at the end of the project, so you could face disruption after moving in

For Tyler and Abbie, both 22, their experience of buying a show home was overwhelmingly positive. “We wanted somewhere that was close to our families in North Swindon and also well located for our jobs at Nationwide, so Blunsdon Meadow was perfect,” says Tyler.

“After falling in love with the show home there we did look at houses in Badbury Park and Wichelstowe but they were either too big or too expensive, and we weren’t too keen on buying off-plan either. Blunsdon Meadow is a collection of just 52 homes by small developer Green Square Homes and it was actually my dad who suggested they might listen to an offer. They did and the answer was an immediate yes!”

“We had all the finance in place through Circle Trust, an independent broker, and though we had to pay the asking price of £299,000 that was more than fair for what we were getting. It was literally an as-seen purchase with all the fixtures, fittings and furniture. Knowing exactly what we were buying really took all the stress out of the purchasing process.”

So there you have it. Next time you fall in love with a show home, don’t be shy about posing the question.

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