Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn is a glamorous mum-to-be

The star of TV’s glitziest property show shares baby talk with People magazine.

Christine Quinn has taken a break from her busy shooting schedule to open up about her pregnancy during a virtual interview with America’s People magazine, at the time revealing she had passed the six-month mark of her pregnancy.


She said: “It seems like there are so many COVID babies because the only thing left to do was Netflix and chill. So we were doing a lot of Netflix and chilling.”

She also discussed why her and husband Christian Richard, 42, aren't planning on finding out the gender. 

“I don't really see gender. It's something that my husband and I both decided that wasn't important. We just want a really happy, healthy baby and we're coming up with unisex names right now because I think it's important to have something that goes with whatever our angel wants to be.”

The nursery she revealed features a jungle theme with animal, plants and banana-print wallpaper. “We're doing something that any baby will love regardless of gender. So we're not concerned about that.”

“Having kids was something that we had been talking about for a while. Corona really brought us closer, believe it or not, because we were in the house all the time and we had kind of joked around, ‘Is this the perfect time to have kids?’. So, it’s just one of those things that, it worked out great, the timing was perfect.”

The talk of children had been something they have discussed since they first started dating. Christine said Christian mentioned that his birthday was coming up and that he didn't have kids or a family to celebrate it with.

Christine says she's “so excited to pop out a baby”, adding, “I can't wait to dress my little angel up in Gucci and Louis Vuitton and just make my baby so extra and over the top”.

The star is planning on a natural birth, however if she needs an epidural, she is open to that: “It's all about the safety of the baby. And I think it's really important to realize that.”

Christine revealed that things she used to love like eggs and meat now make her sick and she just wears stretchy dresses as she can't fit in jeans and has yet to wear any maternity clothes. A photo shoot with Glamour Bulgaria shows her looking as Sunset sensational as ever.

She married Christian, a businessman, in a lavish gothic themed ceremony in a cathedral in downtown Los Angeles in December 2019.