Reconnect with nature with woodland inspired styling

Bamboo, wood and rattan will help give your garden a natural appearance.

The emerging trend of woodland inspired decoration and so-called Cottage core has recently become a popular choice for many homeowners, with people opting for simpler, sustainable and natural styling.

Lights4fun has revealed how you can achieve a stripped back look in your outside space, whilst incorporating garden lighting to bring your display together.

Muted greens and earthy tones are perfectly suited to a woodland themed colour palette. Materials such as bamboo, wood and rattan are a great choice for featuring in your garden and will help to achieve a natural appearance.

Lights4fun’s Woven Wooden Lantern is ideal for positioning on table tops, patios or decking spaces as a minimal finishing touch. It’s so easy to style and the lifelike flickering flame effect from the candle housed inside is super realistic.

To complete the look, scatter landscape bark chippings to cover soil areas and paint your fences, trellises or window ledges with shades of green. This will add to the illusion of being within the depths of a woodland setting!

Accessorising with rustic features will also complement the woodland theme. Lights4fun suggests items such as wooden crates, benches or stools to create a sense of being somewhere truly rural.

To uplift the arrangement, choose traditional foliage which can be planted in hanging baskets and window boxes for a pop of colour. If you have a trellis, you can grow ivy along this to fill space across your wall and add to the forest feel.

Faux foliage features also work well and Lights4fun’s Spring Eucalyptus Wreath is a low-maintenance alternative to real greenery. It looks just as realistic and can be brought back out year after year!

To introduce a cosy feeling to your garden, Lights4fun recommends warm white lighting. Perfect for the spring and summer months, their Core Connect Festoons can be draped from walls or hung high above your set-up with ease.

For the full effect, embellish your plants and shrubs with outdoor fairy lights to add a touch of sparkle. Keep it simplistic by choosing classic fairy lights or you can style cute little shaped lights, such as butterflies or bees, to keep with the nature theme.

All that’s left to do is to weave your lights in and around your greenery, before illuminating them all together to watch your garden glow!