Put your feet up and enjoy these bingeworthy goodies on the telly!

From gripping whodunnits to sexy soaps and psychological thrillers, the Magical Mummy auditions for Gogglebox.

With nights drawing in and loungewear and furry legs coming back in fashion, let's have a little gander at what’s on the box this TV season. So, grab some cocoa and a snuggly throw and forget flicking aimlessly through the channels with this fabulous round-up of old and new bingeworthy treats.  

Married at First Sight UK (Channel 4)

After being obsessed with MAFS Australia you can only imagine my delight that the UK has a new series on… hell yes! Goodbye Love Island, hello strangers getting married and drama. So far it has not disappointed, one of the brides is already causing headlines for being ‘classless’ and vulgar.

I mean really. Can a bride not say she wrote her vows on the loo and slag off her groom for not being her “type” and not be judged?! The producers want to make this series one to remember, so give it a go if you love trash telly that is ever so addictive.

Vigil (BBC iPlayer)

Calling all Dr Foster and Line of Duty fans, this will probably be your cup of tea! Queue the dramatic music and voice-over man. When a crew member is found dead on board the submarine HMS Vigil, the police are called on to investigate and although the death has been written off as an accidental overdose, Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva must go aboard to investigate. She suspects foul play and the crew don’t seem completely legit and closes ranks in the face of Amy’s questioning. Eek!

Nine Perfect Strangers (Amazon Prime)

I think you always know when a show is going to be good when you start to BINGE watch it, and that is SO me right now - I am engrossed in this series!

Based on Liane Moriarty’s New York Times bestseller, Nine Perfect Strangers is a psychological thriller that explores the darker side of the wellness industry and just how far people will go on their quest for enlightenment. The story sees us introduced to nine very different people who were hand-picked by the engrossing and slightly freaky-looking guru Masha (Nicole Kidman) to relinquish their demons. One thing is for sure, I bet these guys are going to get a lot more than mud masks and massages at this retreat.

Clickbait (Netflix)

I cannot recommend this limited series on Netflix enough, not only does it star dreamboat actor Adrian Grenier, who was Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada but its got a hell of a storyline. Clickbait is a suspenseful and riveting thriller that will keep you guessing the whole way through. The story begins with family man Nick Brewer being shockingly kidnapped and his abduction being live-streamed. Spoiler alert, he will die if the video reaches 5 million views. It has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster and will make you question how well you know someone and how the online world can control others.

Bosch (Amazon Prime)

Based on the mega-selling crime novels by Michael Connelly this seven-series goodie mines every crime cliché in the book – Harry Bosch is a taciturn LA detective who lives alone, smokes too much, drinks for America and listens to old jazz records in the dark – but it still hooks you with its colourful cast, killer plots and high drama.

Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers (All 4)

From Walter Presents comes a Russian thriller set in Moscow's elite world of money, sex and power. Detective Lena Shirokova must enter this world when a socialite is murdered. What price will she pay? Parent alert, not one to watch with the kids! When the characters are not plotting murder and mayhem they are bedding each other in hot-blooded fashion.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix)

Not just one of the greatest kids shows ever or one of the greatest animated shows ever, Avatar is one of the greatest television series ever full stop. It has it all: laughs, redemption, misery, danger, thrills, imagination, wonder and love. It follows twelve-year-old Aang, the Avatar responsible for retaining balance in the world, as he and his companions strive to end the Fire Nation's quest for world domination. Don’t be put off by the horrible live-action film, and be cautiously optimistic about Netflix's upcoming live-action remake.

Vikings (Amazon Prime)

OK, so not a newly released show, Vikings ended its sixth series in 2020 - but hear me out! You may be looking for a chunky, chewy, lengthy series to invest in this autumn and what better show than Vikings. Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse hero, is a mere farmer who rises to become a fearless warrior and commander of the Viking tribes with the support of his equally ferocious family. Its reviews are impressive, the series is well known for its compelling and historical storyline and awesome fight scenes. It also looks great visually on the screen with its cinematic effects.

Claire Philips

Claire Phillips
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