Private renters happy with service provided by letting agents

A happy tenant means a happy landlord says Sue Gidney of Swindon Home Finders.

Almost 80% of private renters in England are satisfied with the service provided by letting agents, according to the latest data published by the government.

The figures, from the English Housing Survey, show that in 2019/20, 79% were satisfied where services were provided by a letting agent. This compares to 85% when dealing with the landlord direct.

The data further reveals that 83% of private tenants were satisfied with their accommodation, down one percentage point from the year before. This compares to 75% in the social rented sector.

The data also shows that 75% of private renters were satisfied with the way their landlords carried out repairs and maintenance, up 2% on a year earlier. This compared to 67% of social renters.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, said: “The NRLA is mindful of the challenges the private rented sector is confronted with and remains firmly committed to tackling them in a spirit of co-operation between tenants, landlords and government.

“However, today’s figures demonstrate that the vast majority of private renters are satisfied with their accommodation and the service being provided by their landlord. This positive feedback is representative of tenants’ experiences across the private rented sector, and it is through this lens that future changes need to be seen.”

Sue Gidney, Managing Director of award-winning lettings agency Swindon Home Finders adds: "It's reassuring to see that so many private renters are happy with the service they receive."

"A happy tenant means a happy landlord, and our landlords are decent people who want us to do everything possible to make the tenants' experience a positive one. It all comes down to good customer service and responding quickly and effectively to any queries or maintenance requests."