Own your office!

The Magical Mummy looks at how to make your office a place of beauty and productivity.

Have you been thinking of revamping your home office? Or maybe even your garden office if you are fortunate enough to have one.

It takes time and effort to make your workspace an area of pride and productivity, so I’ve been researching the coolest and most practical trends around to ensure your office makes you think yay instead of nay.

Accent walls with a colour that lifts and inspires you

Say no to boring ‘office beige’ and instead, create an accent wall and paint it with a colour you connect with, after all it’s your at-home workspace, so make the most of being able to do exactly what YOU want!

Colours such as a bold yellow or orange will lift your mood, whilst other calming shades like botanical green or seafoam blue are known for improving peak performance.

Look at lots of different colours and see what you are drawn too, then pop some testers on the wall for a few days to see how they sit before making a final decision. The perfect shade will help keep you creative, focused and stimulated whilst working.

Go for a bold desk

A home office wouldn’t be complete without a desk for obvious reasons. While most offices typically have white or black coloured desks, be different and add some character by painting it with a bold colour like red, blue, or green.

Create with curtains 

Natural lighting is one of the essential factors in a home office, but there are times when the weather can get way too hot, and the glare hurts your eyes. Use curtains to provide shade and as a bonus they also add a source of colour and texture to the room as well!

Arrange some artwork

Not only does artwork inspire and move people it also can personalise your workspace by giving the room character and warmth. 

When hanging pieces on your wall, keep in mind that your eye level is different when you’re sitting at your desk. If you want a perfect view of your artwork while you’re seated, hang them 6 to 9 inches above your table instead. To create more visual eye candy, place a table lamp or candles and sit them in front of the artwork or skip the hanging part and lean a piece of artwork directly on your desk for a more modern look.

Get cozy with your accessories

When it comes to accessories, choose ones that enhance a comfy homey feeling. It could be a pretty mug, or even school supplies such as a pencil holder, sticky notes and more. Add a file organiser and display them on the shelves for extra storage too. You may also add some throw pillows or bean bags and place them at the corner. The possibilities are endless!

Let the light be with you

Every room, including your workspace, needs a focal point. Not only that, but a properly lit room is vital when it comes to maintaining your mood and productivity as well as health.

It would be best if you didn’t have bad lighting while working, especially when staring at a bright computer screen in the dark. Invest in a practical, decorative table lamp with a warm glow, or a pendant light or perhaps even a chandelier to light a wider area more evenly.

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Claire Philips

Claire Phillips
Blogger and Magical Mummy