Nationwide shuts three Swindon offices for good

Wakefield House, Pegasus and Optimus will not reopen after pandemic.

Swindon-based Nationwide, the world’s largest building society, is enabling its 13,000 office-based employees to do their jobs from anywhere in the UK as it puts them in control of how they balance their work and home lives.

However, a reduced need for physical space means Nationwide no longer requires the additional capacity offered through the leasing of three offices in Swindon.

The Society said that its offices at Wakefield House on Pipers Way and the Pegasus and Optimus buildings at Windmill Hill business park in West Swindon would not reopen after the pandemic and the leases would not be renewed.

The Society’s main headquarters, Nationwide House on Pipers Way, is unaffected by the changes. The opening of a new tech hub at Ramsbury House, also in Swindon, last year will ensure the Society retains a strong footprint in its hometown.

The move comes after Nationwide employees were surveyed on how they would like to work in future, with just six per cent saying they wanted to work in an office five days a week and more than half (57%) wanting to work from home full time. More than a third (36%) want a blend of home and office work.

Joe Garner, Chief Executive of Nationwide Building Society, said: “The last year has taught many of us that ‘how’ we do our jobs is much more important than ‘where’ we do them from. We have listened and learned, and we are now deciding to move forward, not back.”

“We are putting our employees in control of where they work from, inviting them to ‘locate for their day’ depending on what they need to achieve. Our data suggests that working in a home environment encourages us to think more about the impact on others when making decisions. We are also continuing to invest in some of our office space to foster social contact, collaboration and creativity.”