Mercedes’ new electric saloon unveiled

The luxury saloon is packed with gadgets, including a dashboard that spans almost the entire width of the car.

Mercedes has unveiled its new electric saloon – the EQS. The all-electric alternative to its luxury S-Class, the saloon boasts mileage from a single charge of up to 478 miles.

The EQS is also the first model to be based on Mercedes’ new modular architecture designed exclusively for luxury and executive-class electric vehicles.

Luxury car-lovers will be able to get their hands on the EQS when it launches in the late summer, and pricing will not be revealed until then. The first EQS are expected to arrive in the UK at the end of the year.

It will be available with a single rear-mounted e-motor with 329bhp and a 108kWh battery. A smaller 90kWh battery will be available soon after.

The luxury saloon is also packed with gadgets, including an OLED Hyperscreen dashboard that spans almost the entire width of the car – made up of two 12-inch displays left and right, and a 17-inch central display.

Mercedes says the EQS will be built in a carbon-neutral factory, as will the battery. The manufacturer wants half of all new Mercedes on the road to be electric by 2030.

Some of the top reasons why you should consider buying an electric car.

Cost savings. Did you know it costs approximately £10 to fully charge the EQC at home? Not only is charging an electric car cheaper than fuelling a petrol or diesel car, but you can also save costs on London Congestion Charge and car parking whilst business customers benefit from lower Benefit-in-kind tax rates.

A greener lifestyle. Driving electric means zero local emissions which has a huge impact on CO2 reduction and cleaner air quality. Mercedes-Benz electric cars also use technology such as regenerative braking and pre-entry climate control to save energy and therefore driving range, which benefits you and the environment.

Convenience. You can charge your car overnight whilst you sleep, just like you do with your smartphone, which means no more waiting around in petrol stations and filling up in the cold. If you do need to charge on the go, Mercedes me Charge is an easy way to get access to the UK’s leading charging stations with a simple payment and billing process.

No compromise on style and performance. Futuristic body styling and impressive high-tech specifications in the Mercedes-Benz electric range shows that driving electric doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Instant torque also provides a high-performance driving dynamic whilst the quiet engine creates a more luxurious driving experience.


Image: Mercedes-Benz