If the price is right! Bath & Bristol vs Swindon

The Magical Mummy looks at what the value of your abode could buy you in our neighbouring cities.

Ever wondered what the value of your house could get you in another part of the country? Of course you have, it’s natural to be curious and besides it’s a really very interesting topic.

Now, it’s no secret that I am an advocate for Swindon. The property prices are much cheaper than anywhere else in the Southwest and along the M4 corridor and it’s a great place to work and raise a family. However, it’s always good to know how house prices vary geographically and what you can get for your buck elsewhere.

Sue Gidney, Managing Director of Swindon lettings agency Home Finders, is clear that Swindon is becoming a more and more attractive option.

“We are definitely starting to see buyers and renters move out of the bigger cities, particularly in these new post-lockdown times where working from home instead of the daily grind of commuting into large commercial centres and cities is proving a much more appealing option.” 

“Swindon's unique location is doubly attractive because cities like London, Bristol and further afield are such an easy and quick commute for both leisure and business for those wishing to visit rather than live in these areas.” 

“Swindon and its surrounding areas have something to offer for everyone: the period houses of Old Town, the super modern and architecturally unusual new builds of North Swindon, and the beautiful villages and rural areas around the Ridgeway.”

“This increase in demand is obviously causing an increase in property values, but Swindon is still highly accessible price-wise compared to neighbouring locations.”

This week’s focus is on homes in Bristol and Bath, and I have broken it down into four different price points to get a fair representation – it’s time to get nosey!


First up is the lower end of the price bracket and what exactly would you be able to afford with £200,000 in Bath? Well, I can tell you it’s not a lot of space. For example, this amount would set you up with a very picturesque second floor, one-bedroom Georgian style grade II listed flat in New King Street in the city. 

For the same price in Swindon, however, you could buy a gorgeous two-bedroom terrace property with a garden in the highly sought after and trendy Old Town area, which is close to the town centre and the railway station. Ooh, there are definitely pros and cons to both areas.


Imagine having a spacious three-bed house with a garden for exactly the same price of a one bed flat in Broad Weir, Bristol.

Yes, the apartment is stylish and well situated next to Castle Park and the Floating Harbour and it has been finished to a high standard, but really that’s about it. For exactly the same price, not really that far away, £250,000 would get you a three-bed semi-detached house with a large garden and a garage in St Andrews Ridge, a stone's throw from commuter links and on the doorstep of many amenities.


Compare and contrast - three hundred and seventy-five thousand pounds enables you to buy a two-bedroom apartment and a communal garden in Unity Street (one of Bristol’s most desirable neighbourhood). However, in Swindon, £375,000 is enough to buy you a highly coveted and stunning four-bed detached family home in Arley Close, located in North Swindon.


So this is the top end of the budget and in Bath a cool half a million just buys you a two-bedroom apartment in Granville Road, wowzers only two-bedrooms! But, £500,000 in this neck of the woods buys you A LOT more. You could find yourself the proud owner of an extremely special, modern five-bedroom detached house in glittering Old Town with enough room for a home office, gym and a kitchen and dining area to impress even the hardest to please visitors. And let’s face it, with five bedrooms there would probably be a guest room available too.  

Claire Philips

Claire Phillips
Blogger and Magical Mummy