How to protect yourself from demons this Halloween

Wigwam catches up with Raphael Pathé, one of Hollywood’s most popular mediums.

Raphael Pathé, one of Hollywood’s most popular mediums, says the spirit of Marilyn Monroe is empowering women across the globe and demons walk among us.

“I did a reading for a Scottish actress called Erin Gavin who was playing Marilyn Monroe on stage. Marilyn came to me and told me that in her lifetime, she didn’t have the opportunity to prove how intelligent she was and couldn’t really lead the life she wanted. She is doing that now for women everywhere. That’s why her look is very fashionable right now and is being copied by women. She’s a very, very powerful spirit,” says Raphael.

Spirits like Marilyn Monroe can possess and influence people…and so can demons according to Raphael.

How to tell if you are possessed by a demon

According to Raphael, demons can possess us when we're feeling weak, or it can happen when somebody else casts a spell on us.

Here are 5 signs you might be possessed by demons:

You keep failing at things

Your behaviour changes and you are much meaner than usual

Everything keeps going wrong

There is a darkness inside you that feels awful

Your friends don’t like you any more

“Everything you do goes wrong,” says Raphael. “Let’s say you go to the supermarket and somebody steals your purse, then you go home and you’ve lost your key so you have to call a locksmith, but nobody’s available. Something might happen in the car, like the tyre bursting or you drive into a pothole. Demons will do everything they can to push you into bad situations. You become unlucky, you attract misfortune and lose your friends.”

Raphael says he was possessed by a demon when somebody put a spell on him. “As soon as the spell was removed, everything in my life changed,” he says. “Everybody was nice to me again. I could really see the difference. There are all kinds of entities that can take us over, some are from past lives because there is such a thing as karma.”

It’s unlikely that you’ll see a demon, but if you do (as Raphael does occasionally) they look like something from a horror film, often they don’t have a face or eyes. “They are more of an energy force than a person,” he says.

5 ways to project yourself from demons

Scatter black tourmaline crystals around your home as they protect you from bad energies

Imagine you have a big bubble of protective energy surrounding you

Use powerful prayers

Wear a tiger’s eye crystal around your neck

As soon as you notice a change in your fortunes, behaviour, and feelings, contact a professional who can remove the entity for you

French born Raphael Pathé is related to the Pathé brothers who founded the famous company that invented the newsreels that were shown before movies. He realised he was psychic as a boy when he came face-to-face with an unhappy ghost at his family’s holiday home in Le Touquet, France.

“The ghost was unhappy because he used to own the property and it had been repossessed,” says Raphael.

He also realised he had a ability to predict the future and sensed the spirit of his grandmother Jacqueline, who committed suicide, possessing his mother in the family home. “My mother was turning into my grandmother who had always said that she was going to end her life. She eventually killed herself by taking an overdose.” Raphael connected with his grandmother and used crystals to create a vortex that allowed her to pass into another dimension.

Raphael is popular in Hollywood, where he often does readings at top hotels and celebrity gatherings. Melissa George, star of Home and Away, is one of his regular clients.

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