How to add £40,000 to the value of your home

For starters, fix cracks, go for trendy decor, add a lick of paint and look after the garden.

Selling a home that you’ve lived in for a long time can feel like a daunting task. However, there could be a way to speed up the process while adding value to the property.

Research has suggested that selling a home takes around 4.2 months on average from the first day it is marketed to the day of legal completion, according to The Advisory, a website which offers insider expert advice for house sellers.

So, here they suggest five ways to add over £40,000 to the value of your home.

Fix cracks, window frames and walls

Cracks in walls can knock around £9,490 off the price of a home while no double glazing can decrease the value of your home by £9,140. Fixing problems like this can be simple if the cracks are small. If they’re smaller than 5mm, you may be able to use filler to get them looking like normal again. Value added to home: £18,630.

Add popular trends

Adding new decor can add up to £8,850 to the value of your property and will give your home a modern twist. Scandi-inspired looks, neutral colours, house plants and splashes of colour are a great way to create a more homely feel. You want to make your home an environment where people can picture living there. Value added to home: £8,850.

Look after your garden

A whopping 64 percent of UK residents have said they would not buy a home if it didn’t have space outside, according to Rated People. If you do have outdoor space, make sure you maintain it - it could be the difference in securing or losing a deal. Thirty percent of UK residents also said they value a garden more than indoor space. Value added to home: around five percent.

Keep it clean

A clean house is definitely more appealing to buyers. In fact, 43 percent of UK residents said they would only arrange a viewing for a clean property. Sixty-one percent of residents also said they would put in a lower offer on a property if it wasn’t clean before they viewed it. Mess, dirt and clutter can decrease your home’s value by £9,290 so fixing the mess is a good idea. Value added to home: £9,290.

Paint it

Marked walls, chipped paint and scuffs can look unappealing and take £9,250 off the price of your property. Giving the walls a fresh lick of paint and going for neutral colours is a sure way to add value. Neutral colours are the most popular while dark colours are less appealing. Value added to home: £9,250

Follow all these suggestions and you could add a huge £46,000 to your property’s value.