How much value a bathroom renovation can add to your home

Focus on the features that buyers find most desirable, according to an estate agent.

So, you’re considering renovating your bathroom but can’t rule out the possibility of moving house in the next few years and want to know whether it’s worth it. Here are five things to consider, including expertise from an estate agent who values 200 houses annually.

Consider changes in house prices

For starters, house prices are on a downward trend in some regions right now, so you need to consider that impact on your property value before planning renovations. For example, if you purchased your house during the past couple of years when prices were high, the final value could be less than what you paid. In this case, factor that in and adjust your expectations accordingly to match the market.

Take a look at recently sold prices for similar properties in your immediate area to gauge how much yours could be worth, or get a trusted estate agent to value your home so you know where you stand. The latter could also help you budget how much it’s worth spending on a new bathroom. If you’re planning to live in your house for another few years, a new bathroom could also be invaluable because it will improve your day-to-day and make you feel better about your home while you live there.

How much value can a bathroom remodel add?

Westside Bathrooms spoke to Chris Wdowczyk, an estate agent with over 13 years of experience selling homes in Halifax and Huddersfield, explains: “A home’s value is based on a comparable of other similar houses found in the same area, so that is really the biggest factor in the value of a house.

“It’s difficult to put a set price on how much value a bathroom remodel can add to your home’s value as it depends on so many factors, including the street you live on, the popularity of the area, the décor and quality of the rest of your house. It could potentially add extra value up to around £7,500.

“Lots of buyers might try to use it as a bargaining tool to put in a lower offer for your home if the bathroom is old and needs redoing. My main advice is to give your estate agent a ring for advice before you do any work, and they’ll let you know whether it’s worth it.”

The state of your current bathroom

Before you commit, consider the state of your current bathroom and whether there’s room for more minor improvements rather than remodelling the entire bathroom. For example, can you upgrade the shower, basin or toilet, and will that be enough to upgrade the appearance drastically?

On the other hand, if your bathroom has outdated, patterned tiles, carpets on the floor, leaking units and is crying out for some love, it’s probably worth renovating, as these features could decrease the overall value of your home. Buyers could also use it as a bargaining chip to offer less, knowing they need to redo the bathroom once they move in.

Think about what’s trending

Another thing to think about is what makes a bathroom desirable to buyers. Traditional bathroom styles are making a comeback, with features like roll-top baths and traditional vanity units with countertop basins all back on trend. Baths are generally desirable for buyers - especially families with young children, and spacious showers are another excellent selling point.

Chris adds, “If your house is a family home with three bedrooms or more, you want to make sure that there’s a bath in there. Walk-in wetrooms are all the rage and definitely a good selling point, as well as wall panelling, mosaic tiles, black taps and stylish shower heads. Underfloor heating will not necessarily add value unless it’s efficient due to high energy prices.

“One thing that doesn’t work anymore is buying a really basic secondhand white bathroom suite to upgrade your bathroom cheaply. You need to think more along the lines of waterfall taps, a nice rainfall shower, wall-mounted radiators, and feature lighting. I also recommend making sure that it’s in keeping with the style of the rest of your home.”

Your choice of tiles can also make or break the design of your bathroom. Colours like pink and green are back in fashion, but they’re not to everyone’s taste, so try and consider a happy medium that will appeal to everyone. The same goes for wallpaper or paint. Choose something stylish but understated so it won’t put future buyers off.

How much to spend on a new bathroom

How much to splash on a bathroom upgrade depends on a few factors, such as how long you plan to stay in your home and whether you’ll add features such as underfloor heating. Set a budget from the start and try to stick to it closely. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of removing your old bathroom, a new bathroom suite, tiles and installation costs. To save costs, you could remove your old bathroom yourself or look at Facebook Marketplace for tiles or taps. The larger your bathroom, the higher the price, as you’ll need more tiles per square metre, but an entirely new bathroom can cost anywhere from £2,000-£10,000.