Home Finders reveals the UK's favourite property TV shows

Swindon's independent estate agent reviews the nation's favourite property programmes.

Hands up if you’ve ever lost a couple of hours sitting on the sofa watching a property show? Whether it’s a 30-minute fix or a full-on binge, programmes about other people’s homes are fascinating.

Entire cable channels are dedicated to home renovations, property sales, flipping houses and so on. We just can’t seem to get enough of them. Here's the word on the pick of the bunch from Home Finders, Swindon's leading independent estate agent and lettings agent.

Homes Under the Hammer

It’s a classic! Daytime TV is like a warm, snuggly blanket. It’s easy watching and seemingly endless. Homes Under the Hammer is just that. You see properties transform from crumbling bricks and fluorescent wallpaper into homes you want to live in.

Gracing our screens since 2003, there are well over 1,000 episodes, which just goes to show that the fantasy of turning a dump into a dream home is one we all relate to.

Location, Location, Location

While some of us tune in to Kirstie and Phil to enjoy their flirty, no-we’re-not-a-couple banter, the rest of us just can’t imagine buying a home without their wise input.

On our screens since 2000, 36 seasons in, and we’re still watching. The journey of unhappy buyer to elated homeowner has proven irresistible and it doesn’t seem like viewers are ready to switch off.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

George Clarke is the friendly faced architect meeting with people with wonderful imaginations. He explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play.

Selling Sunset

We have all dreamt of the L.A luxury lifestyle with mansions with the wine cellars, his and her walk-in closets and infinity pools. We can now have a sneak peek thanks to the Oppenheim Group giving us house tours of these million-dollar stunners from your sofa. We can’t help but get caught up in the drama too.


Property renovation with a heart, this show is about well-loved homes begging for a much-needed makeover. While many of the changes are made to cater for a family’s needs, this programme combines heart-wrenching stories with good, old-fashioned demos. Amazingly, it’s been on our screens since 1999 (that’s a whole different century).

At Home Finders, we live, breathe and watch property all the time. So, what’s your favourite property programme?