Exclusive: Swindon's Kathryn Burn The Apprentice finalist talks to Wigwam!

After starring in The Apprentice, it’s now onwards and upwards for the Swindon pyjama entrepreneur.

Swindon’s very own Kathryn Burn, 29, made a huge impact on the recent series of The Apprentice. She was smart, sassy and a natural on screen, making it all the way through the demanding process to the grand final.

Recently Wigwam head honcho Nathan sat down with Kathryn at her home in Swindon to talk all things property and The Apprentice.

The full interview can be found in the tenth edition of Wigwam Magazine, but here's just a taster for starters in the form of a few questions that didn't make the magazine cut.

Lord Sugar, Karren and Claude are all very stern on screen, are they different off camera?

I guess (pauses) they’re like that (laughs). Claude was only in our interviews this year, we had Tim for the process. They’re just normal people, they are just direct, I would say. But they care, I feel like there’s many times off camera, if they see a person is upset, they make sure they’re alright.

The Apprentice shoot is so intense, it must be difficult to go back to ‘normal life’ afterwards?

No not really, there’s nothing really normal about my life anyway! I don’t live a normal 9 to 5 job, I haven’t done since before the process, so I’m going about my same life, I’ve just got this extra little bit on the side, which is going to really cool events, or doing interviews, or photo shoots, all of that. But I am still running my pyjama business ( as normal, it has got busier, but I’m still running that, trying to grow that.

You are an absolute natural on TV - I can imagine you presenting something like The One Show or taking part in Strictly Come Dancing?!

I’d love to! I do enjoy being in front of the camera, it does feel natural to me, but my main priority is the business, that’s why I went on the programme because I wanted the investment. But who knows? I am definitely open to opportunities, and there have been a few things that have come in already which is really, really exciting. I don’t quite know what the future holds, but I just have a positive feeling about it.

Will you keep your business in Swindon?

Yes, definitely, I think Swindon is a great place to have a business. It’s an online business so I can move around wherever I need to be, but my fulfilment centre and all my stock is kept in Swindon, and it’s obviously a lot cheaper than other places in the UK like London, and I can keep the costs down that way.

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