Brace yourself it’s swimwear season!

The Magical Mummy finds the latest trends that work for every body type.

It’s time to grab the sun lotion and show some skin. “Oh please no” I hear you cry. On a positive note, I’m happy to say that this year there are some new swimsuit trends that are pretty kind to the average woman.

Of course, swimsuit styles are not a one-style-fits-all kind of situation, in fact it can make even the most body confident sweat. So, with that in mind instead of categorising what you should buy according to your body "shape", I have decided to break down the five new swimsuit trends according to the part of your body you love the most.

No matter what your shape or size, you know there are certain parts you love more than others. I say be more Lizzo and love them all!

Below are the best swimsuit trends for the area you'd like to highlight.

pink bikini

If you love your shoulders/arms:  Opt for either strapless, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, or halter styles. Each of those silhouettes will draw all the attention to your upper body and really enhance one of your favourite features.

Your trend to try - cut-outs! They are the one of the most wanted swimsuit styles to own this year, and you can see why as cut out pieces won’t fail to highlight you in all the right places.  

If you love your legs: Firstly, I’m jealous as I am not a leggy lady at all, so make the most of it and go for high cut bottoms or suits. They immediately extend the length of your natural leg line and why shouldn’t you show off your stunning limbs with this 80s inspired trend.

Your trend to try – mermaid metallic! When it comes to swimwear this season, the more shimmer and shine the better. Be it sequins or metallics, this is one trend that can handle a high cut leg and was meant to be shown off in the sun. 

If you love your waist: The best way to show off your waist?  Belted swimwear of course and it’s this season’s must try trend. High-rise bottoms are also brilliant at drawing attention towards your midsection.

Your trend to try - high waisted gingham! Retro styles, ranging more on the modest side of the spectrum are flooding the swimwear space this year. From wallpaper-inspired florals to prim and proper gingham, this trend feels oddly refreshing amongst the last few years of thong bikinis.

If you love your fuller chest: Yay my section (ah well you have to have something). Now, one of the easiest ways to make the most of your chest is an underwire top. Styles this year range from triangle shape to a more bra-esque demi-cup. Also halter tops are good at keeping things in place! You can always rely on underwire styles or a halter top to create a more supportive lift, meaning you can walk around confidently knowing everything is where it should be – phew!

lingerie bikini

Your trend to try – bedroom to beach! Lingerie-inspired silhouettes are officially here. Over the last few years underwear as outerwear has been dominating nights out and now it’s transitioned to the pool, and it’s one trend that is here to stay. From the bedroom to the beach, this look is sure to make you feel like the goddess you are.  

Claire Philips

Claire Phillips
Blogger and Magical Mummy