Awdry Bailey & Douglas place emphasis on great relationships

Swindon-based staff talk about their roles and the firm’s philosophy.

Awdry Bailey & Douglas has only recently opened their Swindon office, but it’s been a case of onwards and upwards ever since with some outstanding new recruits joining the firm and the leasing of additional office space.

As the Jazzbones video production team discovered in a new series of interviews, Awdry Bailey & Douglas are clearly a company that people enjoy working for.

One recent recruit is Residential Conveyancer Jas Chahal. “What attracted me to working at Awdry Bailey & Douglas was their market presence, just how they’re placed,” she says. “For me they are market leaders. I have worked at a number of firms in Swindon, but Awdry Bailey & Douglas is the firm I want to be working for.”

“My caseload ranges, it could be a first-time buyer or a high net-worth client, it could be a sale or a remortgage. No two working days are the same. I enjoy working in Swindon, it’s a demographic that has such a range of clients and contacts. It’s allowed me to build a portfolio over the last 25 years of well-established, valuable relationships with people in the industry which has just allowed me to grow and enhance my reputation. In fact, most of my work is referral work, and that is indicative of just how hard I have worked over the past 25 years in this locality. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Paul Walshe, Partner, Litigation, is another advocate for the Awdry Bailey & Douglas emphasis on people and relationships. “What attracted me to working at Awdry Bailey & Douglas is the people,” he says. “During the interview process I met three of the partners which is unusual for a firm of our size, but it shows how important the recruitment process is to the firm and the drive to get the right people in the business. I knew having met the partners that it would be an excellent cultural fit.”

“They’re really down to earth, ordinary people, there’s a family feel about the firm, but with that there’s a real professionalism, a real drive to build a firm that is client focused and that is successful.”

“I think ABD’s DNA is one of quality, we’re a friendly firm and we like to advise people in language they can understand. But I think what sets us apart is the quality we have and the strength in depth we have across all the departments and all offices.”

Peter Berry, Associate, Family Law, has a job that involves building relationships with clients when they most need support.

He says: “My role is to help people through relationship breakdown, it can be the most stressful point in their lives, so help and support is needed in terms of moving on, finding a new home for themselves, how and when they see their children, and financial pressures as well. So helping people get through a low point in their lives is what I do on a day-to-day basis.”