16 interior period features making waves in 2021

You can’t buy the look in IKEA, but carefully curated Victoriana can transform your home.

With #periodhomestyle tagged a whopping 30,000 times on Instagram, it would appear we are looking to reinvent our current living spaces by highlighting our home’s classic details, or even learning how to add authentic period features from scratch!

Property experts at have therefore channelled our love for decades past by taking to Instagram to uncover the most popular period features. To find the most popular period features, Hometree trawled through numerous articles for the most cited period features. 

Period Home Style Rolltop Bath

Wigwam can now reveal which features are the most popular, and yes, we did have to Google search the meanings of encaustic tiles, corbels and dado rails!

  1. Cornice, 211,550 Instagram tags
  2. Panelling, 148,410
  3. Timber floors, 110,377
  4. Encaustic tiles, 63,589
  5. Corbels, 35,300
  6. Roll top bath, 31,703
  7. Skirting board, 24,493
  8. Victorian fireplace, 21,119
  9. Architrave, 20,164
  10. Ceiling roses, 17,351
  11. Beams, 15,752
  12. Cast-iron radiator, 14,516
  13. Picture rails, 11,453
  14. Butler sink, 8,098
  15. Dado rails, 4,568
  16. Victorian floor tiles, 4,567

Cornice, cornicing, or coving is proven to be the most sought-after period interior trend with more than 211,000 Instagram hashtags! This technique is where the plaster trims cover the transition between the wall and the ceiling. It has the potential to add a desirable decorative effect to any room.

In second spot is the hottest interior trend of the past few years – panelling, with nearly 150,000 unique hashtags on Instagram! Unlike shorter-lived interior trends, panelling is here to stay due to its timeless appeal, as well as being an easy DIY task to take on yourself!

Period Home Style Tiles

Timber floors are also catching on, giving your home an authentic look. With 110,377 photo hashtags, its attractiveness continues to decorate homes around the world due to the floor's natural colouring and durability.

Other popular period interior features include a Victorian fireplace (21,119 hashtags), ceiling roses (17,351 hashtags) and cast-iron radiators with nearly 15,000 hashtags.

Rounding off the trends are dado rails and Victorian floor tiles with 4,568 and 4,567 tags respectively – only one hashtag difference between the two!